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24 May

A Slice of Washroom Luxury in Valleyview

By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat) Bathroom 1819 Views

If you’ve never been to Valleyview, Alberta, it may be time to consider putting it on the destination list. Why visit this small town of less than 2,000 people located 3 hours Northwest of Edmonton? Because it currently boasts the title of having the nicest public washroom in the Province!

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15 Mar

Canada’s Best Washroom in 2015

By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat) Bathroom 1370 Views

Can you tell how a company feels about its customers just from walking into their washroom? We think that an organization’s commitment to customer service is apparent from how it facilitates and maintains it’s public restrooms. Cintas feels the same, and has been running a Best Restroom Award contest to find and recognize the best public bathrooms in Canada since 2010.

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01 Mar

Indoor Bubble for Toilets

By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat) Bathroom 920 Views

In 2011, the Shaw Centre – initially known as the Ottawa Convention Centre – opened its doors to the public and immediately set itself apart from the convention centre crowd with its space-age design sensibilities. However, perhaps the most pressing issue on everyone’s mind was: but how are the washrooms?

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01 Feb

British Phone Booth Lavatories in Calgary Restaurant

By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat) Bathroom 890 Views

How does a company show its commitment to customer service? We believe that one outward manifestation of a company’s attitudes towards their customers is how they design and maintain their public washrooms. Since customer service is highly important to us at the Gentlemen Plumbers, too, we are always looking for the best public bathrooms out there...

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