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10 May

Toilet Phone Usage

By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat) General Plumbing 2143 Views

If you’re like 75% of smartphone users, you are on your phone even while in the washroom. This practice is so common that...

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15 Feb

The Rise of Mario

By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat) General Plumbing 1091 Views

Mario – Nintendo’s main mascot – is probably the world’s most famous plumber of all time, even if his plumbing skills are in dispute...

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18 Jan

Plumbing Maintenance Tips

By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat) General Plumbing 1961 Views

Plumbing is one of the most important parts of your home that should be regularly maintained. Because water and pipes are used on a day to day basis, the wear and tear these channels experience happens much faster than other fixtures in the house.

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04 Jan

How to Avoid Plumbing Disasters

By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat) General Plumbing 1033 Views

A plumbing disaster can strike anyone without warning, but it’s good to know that many can actually be avoided just with the right maintenance and regular, thorough checks. For some simple ideas on keeping your home plumbing systems up to date, check out this infographic kindly prepared by Beacon Plumbing in Seattle...

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21 Dec

Backwater Valves

By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat) General Plumbing 2248 Views

What does the term “backwater” mean to you? According to the online Merriam-Webster dictionary, the first definition is “a part of a river where the water moves slowly because it is away from the main part of the river".

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07 Dec

Water Filtration

By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat) General Plumbing 1676 Views

Everyone in Canada has carefully filtered and regulated water coming into their homes. However, many of these filtration systems leave chemicals in the water supply. Because of this allowance of potentially harmful materials, many families have started using water filtration systems in their own homes...

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12 Oct

Using Qualified Plumbers

By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat) General Plumbing 1794 Views

When you experience plumbing problems in Medicine Hat, it can be tempting to try a do-it-yourself approach or to hire a cheap, less-qualified plumber or friend to help you. However, attempting such repairs is extremely risky and can end up costing you more money.

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11 May

We are Expanding into Video Games

By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat) General Plumbing 858 Views

At the Gentlemen Plumbers, we are dedicated to providing quality plumbing and heating service to all of our clients, and have a proven track record of doing so for many years. This track record has continued to push us onwards and upwards, and has inspired us to expand into a new industry: Video games.

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