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Do you have a Drain emergency in Medicine Hat? Call us right away! We have expert plumbers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our plumbers are licenced, insured and drug tested.

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ver time, grease from kitchens and bath products, debris and organic matter build up below your drains. The best time to call the plumber is when you first notice a drain running slowly or emitting odours. Our experienced technicians know how to clear drains without damaging fixtures or pipes. We also use all-natural, enzyme cleaners to break down organic matter and fat inside your pipes without using the corrosive chemicals that can damage pipes and leak toxins into our environment.

If you are dealing with an emergency, The Gentlemen Plumbers Medicine Hat will be out promptly to take care of the blocked drain. We will not only clear the drain thoroughly, we will clean up the mess it’s caused and give you a warranty on our work. Call our 24/7 line today and let us make your troubles “go swinging down the drain.