A Slice of Washroom Luxury in Valleyview

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A Slice of Washroom Luxury in Valleyview

If you’ve never been to Valleyview, Alberta, it may be time to consider putting it on the destination list. Why visit this small town of less than 2,000 people located 3 hours Northwest of Edmonton? Because it currently boasts the title of having the nicest public washroom in the Province!

The washroom in question is found in Valleyview’s Shell Superstation, located just off the main highway. While the location may appear mundane, the facilities themselves are anything but. Employing fine wooden doors between for toilet stalls, granite counters at the sinks, and luxurious chandeliers for lighting, the restroom could easily be mistaken for that of a high-end hotel or even private suite. Locals love it so much that many make the extra trip just to use it.

Awarded Canada’s Best Restroom award back in 2013, Valleyview Superstation’s luxurious washroom is perhaps more impressive because it’s a roadside gas station washroom. Consider your most recent road trip. Odds are that any pit stops you made at gas stand bathrooms were far from elegant. Some restrooms are pretty far from being actually restful, and some are straight-up terrifying!

But if you ever find yourself driving up near Valleyview, consider stopping into the local Superstation just to check out the local washroom!