Drain Cleaning Products

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When it's time to clean or unclog your drain, the first place many turn are drain cleaning products. This is fine, except that drain cleaners can cause wear over time. In order to avoid any damage to your drain or pipes, here are some tips for using drain cleaning products.

Follow instructions:

One of the first things people can do to minimize the damage of drain cleaning chemicals is to follow the instructions on the bottle exactly. One easy step to reduce damage is watching the amount of drain cleaner used and shaking the container first, if the cleaner calls for that.

Find cleaners without harsh chemicals:

There are many non-harsh drain cleaners on the market today, and you can even create your own! For example, a baking soda and vinegar mixture will expand, helping to push blockages out. After 30 minutes, pour hot water down the drain to rinse off the mixture, and enjoy drain cleaning made easy!

Call your Medicine Hat plumbers:

To remove hair and clogs, nothing is as effective as using professional plumbing equipment. Plumbers in Medicine Hat have tools that help them pull clogs and blockage materials straight from the pipes with minimal damage. If your plumbing hasn't been maintained well, it may be better to have plumbers in Medicine Hat give your plumbing a thorough, safe drain cleaning.

The Gentlemen Plumbers in Medicine Hat are experts in safe drain cleaning and maintenance. With state-of-the-art equipment, your pipes are given the red-carpet treatment. With our 24/7 emergency plumbing services, we work hard to make sure your drains are thoroughly cleaned. You can have a fresh start without worrying about the corrosion of your pipes if you follow the above advice. And remember—if you have any plumbing needs, The Gentlemen Plumbers in Medicine Hat are always available to help!