Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance

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As a homeowner, you have a number of maintenance responsibilities including the upkeep of your furnace. Thorough maintenance and cleaning includes periodic filter replacement. You may be tempted to purchase the cheapest filter available from your local home improvement store, but you should consider the different furnace filter options that are available on today’s market since modern devices can improve your home’s air quality. Furthermore, by replacing the unit regularly, your furnace may last longer.

Fiberglass Filters

Disposable fiberglass filters are inexpensive. In fact, you’ll likely find them for $2 to $3. Filter manufacturers make them from 1-inch thick spun fiberglass, and when you place one in your furnace, the model will capture large air particles such as lint, exterior debris and dust. Unfortunately, the model is not likely to improve your home’s air quality as the style’s minimum efficiency reporting value, or MERV, grade is just 2 or 3. Each furnace filter has a MERV rating to inform you of the device’s ability to remove air particles. The rating system is from 1 to 20, and filters with higher ratings remove smaller particles from your home’s air.

Pleated Filters

Filter manufacturers produce pleated filters from polyester or cotton paper. If you install this type of filter in your furnace, then plan to replace it often to prevent clogging. When the filter clogs, it can overwhelm your HVAC unit. Pleated filters will capture small particles such as mites and spores. The MERV rating for the model is 6, and the cost is from $4 to $5.

Disposable Electrostatic Filters

An electrostatic filter includes self-charging paper fiber or electrostatic material to attract and capture small air particles. The unit’s MERV rating is 10, and it costs about $10.

Permanent Electrostatic Filters

Permanent electrostatic filters also include self-charging cotton fibers that trap particles. If you buy a permanent device, then you can remove it and clean it in your washing machine. The filter model will last for six to eight years. The filter’s MERV rating is 8, and it costs from $15 to $20.

High-Efficiency Pleated Filters

A high-efficiency pleated filter is one of the best devices that you can buy. The model is made from pleated synthetic cotton. Furthermore, the filter style’s MERV grade is 14 to 15, and the model costs around $100.

Furnace Recommendations

You will need to replace your filter every one to six months for proper furnace maintenance. Also, furnace companies often offer maintenance packages to keep your unit running efficiently. Consider your filter choice carefully as a first-rate unit will improve your home’s air quality.