Indoor Bubble for Toilets

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Indoor Bubble for Toilets

In 2011, the Shaw Centre – initially known as the Ottawa Convention Centre – opened its doors to the public and immediately set itself apart from the convention centre crowd with its space-age design sensibilities. However, perhaps the most pressing issue on everyone’s mind was: but how are the washrooms?

Physically, their furnishings appear to be what you might expect from nicer public washrooms, but their location – in a unique bubble-like substructure within the building – claims noticeable individuality. They also employ curved entrances over traditional doors, a feature which reportedly prevents sounds and odours from escaping into the common areas.

However, beyond the space age design, the centre’s true bragging point is perhaps its eco-friendly sustainability. It’s plumbing utilizes an underground rain-water cistern, which can reduce the centre’s water usage by 70%.

So if you find yourself looking for a public bathroom in Ottawa, try stopping off at the Shaw Centre to experience the bathroom bubble for yourself.