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21 Apr

Kitchen Drain Tips

By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat) Drains 1315 Views

We here at The Gentlemen Plumbers enjoy repairing everything from plumbing to heating in Medicine Hat. One plumbing problem that we see daily is the infamous clogged kitchen drain. With a little maintenance, you can often avoid this disaster, so we'll show you how...

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07 Apr

A Slice of Washroom Luxury in Valleyview

By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat) Bathroom 374 Views

If you’ve never been to Valleyview, Alberta, it may be time to consider putting it on the destination list. Why visit this small town of less than 2,000 people located 3 hours Northwest of Edmonton? Because it currently boasts the title of having the nicest public washroom in the Province!

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24 Mar

Water Filtration

By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat) General Plumbing 947 Views

Everyone in Canada has carefully filtered and regulated water coming into their homes. However, many of these filtration systems leave chemicals in the water supply. Because of this allowance of potentially harmful materials, many families have started using water filtration systems in their own homes...

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10 Mar

Heating System History

By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat) Furnaces 1189 Views

In the middle of a biting winter season, you turn on your heater to provide warmth around your house. If you’re more into the antediluvian feel, you start up fire in your fireplace.

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24 Feb

Preventing Clogged Toilets

By Brham Trim (Medicine Hat) Toilets 1007 Views

There isn't anything more frustrating or embarrassing than a clogged toilet. If your toilet clogs often, it may require costly repairs. Since nobody likes spending unnecessary money on toilet repairs, we here at The Gentlemen Plumbers have assembled some tips for your...

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